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UpWork: A Step By Step Guide On How To Create Your...

UpWork: A Step By Step Guide On How To Create Your Profile

If you are a member of my home-based group on Facebook, chances are, you have heard me a million times saying that in order for the beginners to start working online, they have to start by creating a profile on Upwork. If you are not a member yet, please click this link and join.

Freelancing with a Heart

A little background: I started working online when Upwork was still oDesk. Back then there were no limits in sending applications and they were a little more relaxed in approving profiles of beginners. Sadly, that changed when oDesk had a merger with Elance, another freelancing platform that was prevalent during the time I started.

Upwork and Elance are the two biggest freelancing marketplaces during that time, oDesk being founded in 2003 and Elance in 1999. They announced the merger last December 18, 2013. Eighteen months after their announcements, the merger took effect.

oDesk was heavily upgraded and rebranded, while it was announced that Elance will be phased out for a couple of years. As of writing, you can still log in to the existing profiles there and access the files. But there is a warning that says you can’t look for work or post jobs anymore.

Along with the merger came a lot of changes for the freelancers that were already working there. Last May 2016, Upwork announced that they will be increasing the service fee from a flat rate of 10% for all projects to a sliding fee of 20%-5%.

Obviously, you have to have a long term contract or have been working and earning a lot before you enjoy the 5% service fee benefit. That is good news for those who have been working for years and have accumulated more than $10,000 from one client. But for freelancers like me who heavily depended on several fixed-price projects and don’t really have long term clients, this is bad news. This took effect last June 2016, a lot of freelancers I know left Upwork and looked for other ways to acquire clients.

So, if freelancers are leaving and it doesn’t seem that Upwork changed for the better, why am I instructing beginners to still create a profile with them? Well, because of the merger, oDesk and Elance was able to centralize 8 million registered users into one big freelance marketplace, which is Upwork. If it is that big, then where else would you start?

Apart from that, I have several reasons why I still want beginners to start with Upwork.

  1. With Upwork, beginners will be protected. There will be less scams as long as they remember not to start working unless there is a contract for hourly, and a contract with a funded milestone for fixed-price projects. They will be more assured that they will be paid because of Upwork’s Escrow system. This will be further explained in the following blogs.
  2. Upwork portfolios are a good way to start their online presence. Even if they have no experience, their Upwork portfolio can serve as their resume, they can take tests, upload files to support their skills. With every job they get, the better their profile gets, too.
  3. I started here. I know how it feels to be totally clueless about what you are doing, I am a risk-taker, I just took the steps and it got me here. What if the beginners are not risk-takers? What if they quit when they don’t know what to do. Now I want to ‘push’ these people who need pushing into finally starting their online career by guiding them where no one else will.

There, you know my reasons, now it is time for you to take the step. Start with this blog, scroll down and create your profile in Upwork now.

Go to this site

Again, you have to go to their site. It is, you can type this or you can just click here.

Sign up

When you click the link above, you will be taken here.

Click work and then you will be directed here.

Fill up the necessary details and then type the captcha code. You have to click the second checkbox, the first one is optional.

Verify Your Email

Once you click to get started, you will be prompted that your profile has been created but you have to verify your email address.

Don’t try sending me emails here, this is a dummy email.

This is how the email will look like. Just click the link and then you will be redirected back to your Upwork profile.

Enter Your Background

Just answer as honestly as you can. I suggest not to choose Data Entry because that field is already congested in Upwork and you might not get approved

Here’s how mine looked like. You can add more on the skills that you can offer.

See Recommendations

When you click “See Recommendations”, you will be redirected to the job board. You will be able to see the latest jobs according to the skills you entered, but you will have a warning.

Create Profile

When prompted, just click “Continue To Create Profile”

Just complete everything that you see here. In the coming weeks, I will discuss in details what information you need to include. When you are done, just click “Review Profile & Submit” and then wait for the approval of your profile. If you get disapproved, it means that the field that you chose is already congested and there are no more jobs for your field. Just try to tweak and change skills. You can always change it back to the original later, or you can try learning new skills in order to get approved.

I hope this post was able to help you create your profile. Please stay tuned as I come up with other tutorials featuring other platforms that you can use to earn from home.

You can also visit this main blog where you can learn all you have to learn in detail. It is updated every now and then to make sure it will be packed with info.

Nizza Gueco’s No Bull*** Step By Step Guide To Starting Freelancing For The Totally Clueless

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂


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