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Payoneer: How To Create A Profile And Earn $25 Aft...

Payoneer: How To Create A Profile And Earn $25 After Using It

For the longest time, when getting paid online is the concern, I’ve always relied on Paypal. For me, it was the safest, fastest and easiest way to pay and get paid online. But just this year, I started venturing into niche websites.

I created two websites, one is a US Entertainment site and the other one targets the Philippine audience. Just a month into it, I tried experimenting with ad networks that I can use to monetize my site. I tried several networks and was left with the 3 of the highest paying ones according to my niche.

Unfortunately, one of those 3 does not pay their publishers thru PayPal. The only payment options they have are wire transfer, which can be a hassle if you live in the Philippines. The other one is Payoneer. I tried reading about it and tried to find out what I had to know before creating my account. I also had to hurry because in just 2 months after launching the site, I have reached the minimum withdrawal amount of the ad network and I needed to fix my payment method fast.

So, I created an account with Payoneer, and in just a few days, I already got my payment from the ad network and I even have a Payoneer Mastercard that was sent to me thru mail. It is a credit card that you can use here on any stores that accept credit card payments. So if you have Payoneer balance in your account, you can just swipe your card, or you can also withdraw your funds to your bank. (I’ll try to take a photo of the card on the next update as my daughter doesn’t want to let me borrow my phone so I can take a pic. )

Another good thing is that you can easily add Payoneer as a payment method in your Upwork. Excited? Here’s another thing that might excite you, this link that I am going to give you is my affiliate link. It means that if you sign up using my link, you get a bonus of $25 as soon as you receive $1000 in your Payoneer account, I will get a bonus $25 too. 🙂

Ready? Here’s how you can create your account:

Click this link

This is my link: Payoneer

You can copy paste that in your browser or you can just click here. Or just click the photo below.

Sign Up And Earn

Click “Sign Up & Earn $25”. You will be brought here:

Just fill up the details that are asked and click next.

Complete this too.

Make sure that the security question you will choose is something that you won’t forget. You will be asked about that in case you forget your password.

If you don’t know the SWIFT code of your bank, click here:

Bank Swift Codes: List Of Codes In The Philippines

After entering all the details, just click submit.

Just wait for your application to be approved. I will be updating this post to show how you can set up and activate your Payoneer account after you get approved. For the meantime, please leave your email address here, so I can update you when this gets updated.

Please don’t forget to visit my main blog. This is updated regularly to assure you that it is packed with useful information for freelancers like you. 🙂

Nizza Gueco’s No Bull*** Step By Step Guide To Starting Freelancing For The Totally Clueless

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂


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