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GoLance: How To Create A Profile And Start Earning...

GoLance: How To Create A Profile And Start Earning Money From Home

Hi there, I’ve been meaning to create a profile creation tutorial for Upwork and all the platforms that I use so that newbies can come back to the list and when they have questions, finally I am now able to create one.

For this post, I will start with GoLance. My initial reaction when I saw the site and the job application process is that it is a cross between Upwork and Elance. Elance had a feature where you will see the profile of your fellow applicants in a certain job post, while it’s not a big deal for some, I found it useful then.

Anyway, I won’t make this long anymore, here is what you have to do to create a profile in GoLance and start making money.

Go to this site

First of all, you have to go to the site. It is you can type it but it is easier if you just click the link or click here.

Sign up

Clicking the link above will take you here:

Fill up the necessary details and click sign up.

Verify Your Email

After clicking sign up, you will be sent to a page saying that you have to verify the email address that you entered.

Open your email and wait for the verification mail.

What you’ll get will look like this. Just click VERIFY EMAIL ADDRESS and then you will be redirected to GoLance again.

Choose Your Profile

You will be asked what you want with your profile. Just click To Find Work to start working.

Select Skills

After clicking next, you will be asked to enter your skill. Just enter your desired skills and examples that you can choose from will appear.

ex. Writing, Customer service, Virtual assistance, Data Entry.

These are what I chose for mine.

Select Categories

After setting your skills, you will be asked to choose the categories of jobs that you are interested in. You can choose up to 10.


After clicking save and finish in the category part, you will be redirected to your dashboard. There will be a warning that your profile will not yet show in the search results because it is not yet complete. All you have to do is click the link.

Edit Profile

After clicking the link, you will be redirected to your profile. You will see a list on the right side that you can complete to enhance your profile.

Just click them all as you progress with your profile.

For your headline, make it short and sweet. Make it on point. Do not use the word expert no matter what.

Ex. Expert Ebook Writer

It does not look very good, right?

Nizza’s Tip: Do not use the word expert in your headline. Expertise is not imposed, it is shown and earned.

Your description will give your potential clients a glimpse about you. Do not paste your resume here. Do not even write what you will normally write on your resume.

Make it personal and simple. Make it seem like you are talking to the clients and letting them know what you can offer.

Nizza’s Tip: Do not start it with, I can write books, I can manage social media pages, I can etc. Do not list your skills. Tell your story.

For your rate, it will depend on the field that you are trying to enter. For Data Entry it is wise to start with $3-$5 per hour. This is just a suggestion, it will still be up to you, but if you enter a high rate when you don’t have any experience yet, then clients might not believe you.

For Virtual Assistance and Writing jobs, I personally started with $5.

Nizza’s Tip: Make sure you don’t get stuck with your starting rate. For every project you finish, make sure you have learned something new so you can increase your rate.

Add A Profile Photo

Attach a profile photo that shows your whole face.

Complete Your Profile Further

When you finish attaching a profile photo, you will be notified that your profile is now completed and will now show in the search results. BUT, your profile will only be at 80%, you can go and find work already, but I suggest you complete it until 100%.

For your portfolio, you can attach your past works. If you are a writer, you can attach samples, if you are a designer, you can attach past designs that you did.

Just fill up what you can and what you have here.

If you have an introductory video about your services, you can attach it here.

Go Work

After completing, you can now click Go Work on the top menu. You will be brought here:

Choose the category that you want in the right panel.

Choose from the job posts that you think you can do.

Once you click a job, review the description and when you are confident you can apply, click apply. Enter your bid, GoLance will be taking away 10% of your earnings so compute your desired salary properly.

After clicking next, you will be asked to create your cover letter. As much as possible I discourage newbies to use a copy-paste cover letter. Just write and make it seem like you are talking to the client directly, mention parts of the job post so the client is sure you read the post.

If the client has specific questions, you can answer here. After that, just click apply.

Nizza’s Tip: After you have sent an application, just send another one, or until you are able to reach the maximum allowed application. It is free anyway. Do not apply for one job and spend all your days waiting for a client’s reply. Just go and apply. I hope this post was able to help you create your profile. Please stay tuned as I come up with other tutorials featuring other platforms that you can use to earn from home.

You can also visit this main blog where you can learn all you have to learn in detail. It is updated every now and then to make sure it will be packed with info.

Nizza Gueco’s No Bull*** Step By Step Guide To Starting Freelancing For The Totally Clueless

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂


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